You are creative, a big thinker, motivated, focused and have awesome content you want to share with the world.




Podcast Wagon

Create, Launch‍‍‍ & Monetize‍‍‍ Your Podcast

Podcast Wagon

Post-production audio tune-up. Take out what does not belong, add in what does.


Upload and distribute to your raving fans!


You send us your raw audio or we come to you in the field, on-site or on-set.


Podcast Wagon believes that content is King! Podcast Production should enhance the listener experience without them ever noticing an edit. The goal is to have a polished, smooth flowing conversation that has a natural flow.

You: I have great content and ideas, but I need Podcast Wagon to handle everything else.

Podcast Wagon: No problem.

Let us fill your Podcast Wagon, and pull the darn thing!

We will build a custom package to suit you and your brand.

Mix in Intro, Outro, Sponsored Ads. Voice Equalization. Mix to MP3, add ID3 Tags, Album Art, Content Tags, Publish to host for release. 2 Business day turn-around.                                      

Editing & Post-Production

Show notes includes 200-400 words of keyword rich words that summarize your episode, time stamps to discussion points and outbound links any resources mentioned to be posted to your website.                                            

Show Notes

Verbatim transcription of your edited content. Great to use in your blog. Standard rate includes up to 3 speakers.


Your podcast can be converted into a file format that can be posted to YouTube. Audio can be posted with a static image or slideshow.                                                                      

Integrate with YouTube





Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


  • Podcast Editing & Post-Production
  • Mix in Intro, Outro, and Sponsored Ads
  • Voice Equalization
  • Mix to MP3, add ID3 Tags
  • Add Album Art, Content Tags
  • Publish to Host for Release‍‍‍

For your brilliant content to reach the world you must have an internet Host company (Libsyn) and a Platform (iTunes).    

Host & Platform Account Setup

We will come to you or your event and record on-site.        Pricing subject to location & duration.

Field Recording

Promoting products that you trust and use is a great way to add another revenue stream to your business.


Click the wagon to contact us and book a free 15 minute phone consultation to discover your needs and configure a price quote.

Field Recording


Promoting products that you trust and use is a great way to add another revenue stream to your business.